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The 4th International PET & RPET Industry Forum (2016)
1 Two key problems to macro economy and asset allocation
2 Status quo of industrial textiles and guiding opinions of the 13th Five-Year Plan
3 Asian PX & PTA Market Outlook
4. Category and application of PET functional additives
5 China PET bottle chip export status and forecast
6 Strategic Consulting and Global Supply Demand Modeling for the PET Resin and Packaging Industries
7 PET bottle chip in Asia in need of precautions against adversity
8 PTA hedging under rising prices of energy & chemicals
9 Status quo and outlook for plastic packaging
10 Policy and development trend of recycled plastics in China
11 “4 modernization” construction The way of recycled bottle flake enterprises to break through
12 High value added recycled product —Recycled polyester fiber for Longfu carpet & blanket and its development
13 rPET-Production with LSP-Process for Post Industrial-Sheets, Trays and Fibers
14 Recycled chemical fiber market evolvement and outlook

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