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7th China Hangzhou Viscose Industry Forum
  • Qiu Youlong-Impact of hazy age on viscose industry
  • Cato-Bifurcation!the future of the DWP market to 2020
  • Ding Changyin-Cellulose and cellulose ether market status and development
  • Xue Qin-How to coordinate dissolving pulp and viscose industry after anti-dumping
  • Ho See Young-Dissolving pulp It's all about cotton and wood
  • Zhu Beina-Structure adjustment in face of difficulties
  • Wang Pei-Sino-US direction contradiction to emerge in Q2-The uncertainty of fluctuation range far larger than timing
  • Tian Ke-Status quo of viscose fiber industry and prospect of China dissolving pulp industry
  • Yin Ding-Interaction and tendency of global and Chinese cotton markets
  • Zhang Youding-Polyester staple fiber market in cold winter
  • Li Xiangdong-Product structure adjustment and new product development of China cotton textile enterprises
  • Birla-Spun dyed fibre C a part of solution to tackle pollution in China textile industry
  • Chen Bangwei-Strategic adjustment direction of cotton textile enterprises under new situation
  • Ding Jinqi-Story of viscose
  • Lv Baojun-Opportunities from cotton yarn and PSF being traded in futures market
  • Guo Weile-Probe into 2013 cotton market situation and policy direction
  • Zheng Shengwei-Yarn market status and changes of feedstock structure
  • He Xiaosi-Product structure and profit of grey fabric market

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