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2009 China Hangzhou·Chemical Fibre Forum
●Macro-economy and Financial Market Outlook
●The game of EG is Changing
●2008 China PTA Market and 2009 Outlook
●Logistic Measures of Chemical Fiber Industry under New Situation
●Supply & Demand of China’s Polyester Industry Chain and the Influence
●Key Factors in Polyester Feedstock Market in 2009
●Value of PTA Futures Market amid Market Fluctuation
●Substance Behind the Glitz ——On Chinese Traditional Culture and Market
●Regenerated Polyester Fiber Industry of China under Global Economic Crisis
●State Que of China's Nonwoven Fabric Industry and Development Opportunity
●Status Quo of Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber Market and the Outlook
●Technology Improvement of Colored Regenerated Polyester Fiber
●Status Quo of Regenerated Polyester Fiber Industry and the Outlook

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