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Research | Time: Sep 30 2019 8:59AM
Spandex supply and demand in 2019 and market outlook
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Foreword: The global trade situation in 2019 is complicated, with rising trade frictions and slowed down growth of global economy. Spandex industry faces more adjustment in this environment, and the industry is still in the expansion period. It is difficult fir downstream demand capacity to undertake rapid capacity expansion, leading to the oversupply pattern of industry. Competition in technology, cost and products intensifies, and the survival pressure on old units increases significantly. In this year, the operating indicators of spandex industry may decrease in different degrees from last year.

Chapter one. Analysis on spandex supply
I. Global spandex capacity analysis in 2019
1. Global spandex growth rate slows down in 2019
2. Asia accounts for around 90% as the main distribution are of global spandex capacity
II. China's spandex supply analysis
1. China's spandex capacity growth slows down
2. China's spandex production slows down obviously
3.Nearly 80% capacity of several major enterprises is likely to be put into production

Chapter Two. China's spandex industry operation from January to August 2019
I. Price significantly declined
II. Cash flow was at a greater loss
III. Operating rate was at a low level
IV. Inventory sharply rose

Chapter Three. Analysis on spandex downstream market
I. Operating rate of spandex downstream weaving plants descended year on year in January-August
II. China's textile and apparel export statistics from January to July 2019
III. Comparison on the number of January-August fabric turnover in China Textile City in 2018-2019

Chapter Four. Market outlook 
I. The growth rate of production may be evidently smaller than that of capacity
II. Demand is likely to rebound limitedly
III. Cash flow loss ascends amid price competition
IV. Market outlook: prudently expected

List of Charts
Chart 1. Global spandex capacity and growth rate in 2015-2019
Chart 2. Main distribution area of global spandex capacity in 2018-2019
Chart 3. China spandex capacity and growth rate in 2014-2019
Chart 4. China's spandex production and growth in 2014-2019
Chart 5. China's spandex industry concentration improves in 2017-2020
Chart 6. Spandex 40D price trend and cash flow in 2016-2019
Chart 7. Spandex industry operating rate in 2016-2019
Chart 8. Spandex inventory in 2018-2019
Chart 9. Operating rate of weaving plants in 2019

List of Figures
Sheet 1. The decrease of regular specification spandex in January-August, 2019
Sheet 2. Statistics of China's textile and apparel exports in January-July 2019
Sheet 3. Comparison of January-August fabric turnover in China Textile City in 2018-2019

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