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Research | Time: Mar 25 2019 2:22PM
Direct-spun PSF market pattern change
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Direct-spun PSF performed well on the whole and stayed outstanding among polyester products in 2018. The market showed high-speed development, considerable profits and state of low inventory. This report analyzes direct-spun PSF market patter from three major products including direct-spun PSF for spinning, for filling and for nonwoven.

I. Market status
1. High-speed development
2. Considerable profits
3. Low inventory

II. Why can direct-spun PSF ornately transform into a hotspot from a lame duck?
1. De-capacity
2. Product structure adjustment
2.1 Direct-spun PSF for spinning
2.2 Direct-spun PSF for filling
2.3 Direct-spun PSF for nonwoven
2.3.1 PSF for spunlace
2.3.2 Low-melting PSF

List of charts
Chart 1. Direct-spun PSF capacity trend
Chart 2. Yearly average cash flow of direct-spun PSF 1.4D
Chart 3. Yearly average inventory
Chart 4. Direct-spun PSF capacity growth rate
Chart 5. Major direct-spun PSF capacity change
Chart 6. PSF share in PSF, VSF and cotton consumption for spinning
Chart 7. Virgin PSF and recycled PSF consumption for spinning
Chart 8. 1.4D share in direct-spun PSF for spinning
Chart 9. Hollow conjugated virgin PSF capacity and share
Chart 10. Hollow conjugated virgin PSF production and share
Chart 11. HC virgin PSF and re-PSF price and spread trend
Chart 12. Major direct-spun PSF used for nonwoven
Chart 13. Spunlace nonwoven production and growth rate
Chart 14. Production and growth rate of direct-spun PSF for spunlace
Chart 15. Consumption share of raw materials for spunlace
Chart 16. Low-melting PSF capacity and production trend

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