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Research | Time:May 29 2018 11:11AM
Nylon and polyester markets in reverse trend
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The nylon market around Spring Festival has been vital to the nylon market in the whole year in recent two years. For example, nylon markets surged and slumped around Spring Festival in 2017, which was closely related to losses and gains of nylon markets in the whole year. But prices kept rising at a high level after Spring Festival in 2018, so buyers held cautiously attitudes, and nylon markets kept falling. However, polyester markets were in totally different trend with nylon market, and polyester demand was also strong.

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I. Status quo: nylon market and polyester market are in totally reverse trend
1. Capacity growth rate decreased
2. Demand growth rate was similar.
3. High operation rate and low inventory
4. Operation rate of downstream plants was not bad.
5. Price spread and ration of nylon and polyester enlarged.
II. Summary

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Nylon and polyester markets in reverse trend

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