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Research | Time:Jun 15 2017 9:05AM
Cotton production and consumption structure analysis in Pakistan
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Pakistan is the world fourth largest cotton producer, and its production accounts for about 7% of global production and its consumption takes a share of nearly 9%. Therefore, Pakistan’s cotton production and consumption poses certain impact on global cotton supply and demand. In addition, for China, Pakistan is the third largest cotton yarn import origin and the largest grey fabric supplier. It is necessary to probe into the Pakistan’s cotton supply and demand structure and its end-user market.

Content (Total 13 pages)
I. Pakistan’s cotton production status
1. Cotton production change
2. Cotton producing regions
II. Cotton arrivals and price change
1. Arrivals and demand
2. Cotton prices
III. Pakistani cotton imports
IV. Pakistani cotton supply and demand
V. End-user demand change
VI. Conclusion and outlook

Chart 1. Cotton areas and yield in Pakistan
Chart 2. Cotton output in Pakistan (by cotton crop year)
Chart 3. Cotton output in Pakistan's major cotton belts
Chart 4. Cotton output distribution in 2015/16-2016/17
hart 5. Cotton output in Pakistan by regions
Chart 6. Cotton consumption distribution in 2015/16-2016/17
Chart 7. Cumulative cotton arrivals and mills consumption rate in Pakistan
Chart 8. New cotton in circulation in Pakistan
Chart 9. Pakistan spot cotton rate and ICE cotton futures
Chart 10. Cotton imports of Pakistan (crop year)
Chart 11. Cotton imports of Pakistan in 2014/15-2016/17
Chart 12. Cotton import of Pakistan in 2015/16 by origin
Chart 13. Cotton import of Pakistan in 2015/16 by origin
Chart 14. Cotton yarn and cotton fabric exports in Pakistan
Chart 15. Textile and garment exports in Pakistan
Chart 16. Import value of textile machinery in Pakistan

Figure 1. Cotton output in major cotton belts and yearly change
Figure 2. Cotton supply and demand in Pakistan (USDA)

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