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Research | Time:May 5 2017 9:10AM
Influence forecast of CPL capacity expansion in second half of 2017
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New CPL capacity in 2017 is about 1 million tons/year in Chinese mainland including Hengyi's new unit announced recently, while the total CPL capacity is only 2.63 million tons/year in 2016. The capacity expansion in 2017 exceeds one-third of the total capacity by end-2016.

This is the other CPL capacity expansion boom after 2012-2013. Capacity expansion in 2017 is larger than that in 2012-2013, though increase rate is lower.

Content (Total 9 pages)
I. Introduction of new projects
II. Analysis on influences
1 Individual analysis
2. Summary of individual analysis
3. Overall analysis
III. Summary

Chart 1 CPL capacity increase in Chinese mainland
Chart 2 Nylon 6 chip capacity expansion in 2011-2016 in Chinese mainland
Chart 3 Nylon 6 chip capacity distribution in Chinese mainland
Chart 4 WTI and CPL price trend
Chart 5 CPL and nylon 6 chip capacity expansion

Figure 1 CPL capacity expansion plans in 2017

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