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Research | Time:May 2 2017 4:13PM
Will Chinese domestic cotton yarn emerge with uncompetitive imported resource?
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Price of forward imported cotton yarn hiked after the Spring Festival in 2017, even exceeding the corresponding spot goods in China and Chinese local cotton yarn, so traders in China witnessed surging ordering cost, inactive in buying forward cotton yarn. Some traders turned to pay more attention to Chinese local cotton yarn. Which Chinese local cotton yarn is benefitted? How long will the substitute effect of Chinese cotton yarn to imported cotton yarn last?

Content (8 pages)
I. Imported and Chinese local cotton yarn market trend in recent years
1. Cotton yarn imports VS Cotton yarn production in China
2. Price of imported cotton yarn and Chinese local cotton yarn

II. New change on imported and Chinese cotton yarn in 2017
1. Imported cotton yarn structure changes
2. Some imported cotton yarn lacks advantage
3. Xinjiang-origin cotton yarn becomes a new competitor
4. Product structure of spinners in China alters

III. Market outlook
IV. Conclusion

Chart 1. Cotton yarn imports and production in China since 2010
Chart 2. Price of Indian and Chinese carded cotton yarn 32S since 2012
Chart 3. Price spread of spot-forward Indian C32S and imported and Chinese C32S since 2015
Chart 4. Imported cotton yarn structure by counts in 2016
Chart 5. Imported cotton yarn structure by counts in Q1 2017
Chart 6. Major imported cotton yarn YOY change in Q1 2017 (by counts)

Table 1. Current price of major imported and Chinese cotton yarn
Table 2. Cost comparison of imported and Chinese C21S and C32S
Table 3. Cost comparison of Xinjiang, inland and imported C32S

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