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Research | Time:Mar 21 2017 2:16PM
Will Indian cotton yarn price dip?
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Price of spot and forward Indian carded cotton yarn 32S both surged since mid-Dec 2016, with increment for spot Indian 32S in China at 1,000yuan/mt or 4.40% and increment for forward 32S at $0.27/kg or 10.26% based on CCFGroup index.

Price of forward Indian carded 32S was more than 1,000yuan/mt higher than price of spot goods in China, and price of forward Indian 32S was also around 1,000yuan/mt higher than that of Chinese 32S. Current Indian cotton yarn price was too high, hard to attract orders from Chinese buyers. Some Indian spinners reflected that export orders to China have been almost in stagnation in recent one month, which they did not meet before in recent 5 years. What supports Indian cotton yarn price, does Indian cotton yarn price have downside room, and how can traders and weavers do?

I. Indian cotton yarn price surged, lacking price advantage
1. Indian cotton yarn price hiked
2. Forward Indian cotton yarn price was apparently higher than the spot goods in China

II. Cost analysis
1. Cotton and cotton yarn price in India
2. Profit of Indian cotton yarn mills

III. Supply and demand
1. Indian cotton yarn production
2. Indian cotton yarn export
3. Proportion of China in total cotton yarn exports

IV. Indian cotton price forecast
1. Global competitiveness of Indian cotton 
2. Cotton supply and demand in India

V. Conclusion and suggestion
1. Conclusion
2. Suggestion

Chart 1. Price of spot and forward Indian carded cotton yarn 32S since Nov 2012
Chart 2. Price disparity of Chinese and Indian cotton yarn since Nov 2012
Chart 3. Price of Indian cotton and cotton yarn since Nov 2012
Chart 4. Profit of Indian carded C32S shipped to China since Nov 2012
Chart 5. Production of cotton yarn in India since 2013
Chart 6. Exports of cotton yarn in India since 2015
Chart 7. Exports of Indian cotton yarn to China since 2015
Chart 8. Price spread of Indian and international cotton since 2012
Chart 9. Price spread of Indian and Chinese cotton since 2012

Table 1. Supply and demand of cotton in India (Source: USDA data)
Table 2. Indian C32S price assessment under different profit basis

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