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Research | Time:Jan 11 2017 9:11AM
What will HC re-PSF market head for on dropping profits
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HC re-PSF, as one of the variety of recycled polyester fiber, drew much market attention because of its high profit. However, in recent years, such profit was squeezed along with the decreasing HC re-PSF price. What is behind this upset outcome? Will the market perform better in the future and why? This report is to deliver some insights on these questions.

I. HC re-PSF price and cash flow
II. Specific reasons behind this performance
1. Slow-down of macro-economic growth
2. Impact from crude oil price
3. Shrinking export market
4. Continuous expansion of capacity due to good profits
III. Conclusion

Chart 1. HC re-PSF price and cash flow
Chart 2. HC re-PSF cash flow in 2013-2016
Chart 3. China GDP growth in 2001-2015
Chart 4. WTI crude oil spot price
Chart 5. HC PSF-HC re-PSF price spread and Crude oil price
Chart 6. PET chip-recycled bottle flake for HC re-PSF price spread and crude oil price
Chart 7. Recycled polyester fiber prices
Chart 8. HC re-PSF exports in 2016
Chart 9. Recycled polyester fiber capacity

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