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Research | Time:Aug 1 2016 1:54PM
The development of spandex industry in China
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Since 2000, spandex industry has been developing fast in China, with capacity expanding from 15.4kta to nearly 650kta. During the process, the industrial pattern has been changing successively. In the circumstance of outside environment and inside development, the industry faces increasingly new problems, challenges and changes......

The first stage:
Feature 1. The proportion of imported spandex declined fast
Feature 2. Spandex prices collapsed successively

The second stage: steady expansion in 2006-2016
Feature 1. China became the main producer
Feature 2. Demand grew up well
Feature 3. Periodicity of domestic spandex industrial operation emerged

The third stage: the industrial elimination after 2015
Feature 1. Normalization of overcapacity
Feature 2. Evidently higher industrial concentration, and more advantages of large-scale plants
Feature 3. Upstream capacity expansion accelerated, and feedstock cost collapsed.

In face of intensive competition, spandex plants mainly have 2 ways:
1. Cost production
2. Development of differential products

1. Spandex capacity and growth rate in China
2. The proportion of imported spandex in China
3. Spandex 40D price trend
4. The proportion of China-made spandex in the world
5. Growth rates of spandex demand and T/A exports
6. Growth rates of spandex demand, capacity and production in 2006-2015
7. Spandex price trends
8. The cycle of spandex market
9. Growth rates of spandex demand and capacity in 2011-2017
10. The proportion of leading spandex plants
11. PTMEG and spandex capacity in China
12. PTMEG price and spandex main feedstock cost
13. Spandex capacity distribution in China

1. Spandex capacity expansion schedule
2. The change of spandex plants' scale

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