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Research | Time:Jun 22 2016 2:19PM
How has PTA supply-side reform evolved?
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Supply-side structural reform has become the hottest topic in China. The proposal for the reform marks the significant change in China's macroeconomic regulation and control strategy from demand side to supply side. After the capacity boom, PTA producers also strive for de-capacity, de-stock and lowering costs in recent years. In PTA industry, supply-side structural reform was carried out since 2015, by now, what's the impact that the reform has generated and will the PTA industry step into a healthy path in development?

Content(Total 8 pages):
I. PTA capacity expansion
II. PTA industrial change by supply-side reform
1. Scale up
2. Centralization
III. Supply-glut pressure of PTA really eases?

Charts and figures:
Chart 1. PTA Capacity in China and Asia (the Middle East included) in 2003-2016
Chart 2. PTA Capacity and polyester capacity in China in 2003-2016
Chart 3. Main changes in PTA industry
Chart 4. PTA-PX spread in 2005-2016
Chart 5. PTA annual O/R in 2008-2016
Chart 6. PTA processing margins in Asia
Chart 7. PTA capacity by unit scale in 2016
Chart 8. PTA capacity by unit scale in 2011
Chart 9. PTA and polyester capacity distribution in China
Chart 10. PTA supply/demand and margins
Chart 11. PTA and polyester monthly production in 2011-2016
Figure 1. PTA capacity expansion plans

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