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Research | Time:May 5 2016 3:17PM
The fast development of China's spandex export market
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After years of development, spandex industry has encountered oversupply and insiders increasingly focus on sales channels faced low growth rate in China, and they are endeavoring to expand export market......

1. Exports surge to historical high
2. Export destinations increase with deeper cooperation with buyers
3. Exporters increase, and more Chinese companies joint in
4. Proportion of ordinary trade improves obviously
5. Periodicity of spandex exports

Chart 1. Q1 spandex exports of China in 2010-2016
Chart 2. The number of China's spandex export destinations
Chart 3. Top 15 spandex export destinations of China
Chart 4. The porportions of enterprises in spandex exports
Chart 5. The proportion of top 10 spandex exporters
Chart 6. The proportions of terms of trade in spandex exports
Chart 7. The proportion of spandex export in total production

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