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Research | Time:Apr 26 2016 2:16PM
Important indicators in supply-demand balance of PX
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A supply-demand balance sheet of a certain product generally includes supply (production and import), demand (actual downstream demand and export), and variables (variables in stocks and supply & demand). In fact, it is of high difficulty to draw a complete and objective supply-demand balance sheet, given the different coverage in calculating supply and demand as well as all kinds of random errors.

The supply-demand balance of PX is briefly assessed from three aspects including supply, demand and variables.

Part 1. Supply
1. PX production
2. PX imports
3. Gasoline blending

Part 2. Demand
2.1. PFY profit
2.2. PFY inventory
2.3. Polyester O/R

Part 3. Variables
1. Inventory
2. Arbitrage

1. PX supply-demand balance in China in 2011-Feb, 2016
2. PX production of China in 2008-Mar, 2016
3. PX imports of China in 2008-Feb, 2016
4. Refining process of crude oil
5. Premium gasoline sales as a percent of total motor gasoline sales in U.S. (2000-2016)
6. Market share of turbocharged engines in U.S. (model years 2009-14)
7. Processing margin of POY and DTY in 2013-Apr, 2016
8. Polyester inventory in Mar, 2009-Apr, 2016
9. Polyester plant operating rate in Apr, 2008-Apr, 2016
10. PX and PTA margin in 2009-Apr, 2016

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