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Research | Time:Apr 19 2016 9:43AM
Impact of recycled PET industry on China PTA demand
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I. Correlation between recycled PET and PTA
II. The ways of interactive influences
III. Capacity expansion of virgin polyester fiber and recycled polyester fiber
IV. Impact of recycled polyester development on PTA:
V. Outlook

Chart 1. China recycled polyester fiber capacity
Chart 2. China virgin polyester capacity
Chart 3. Capacity of PFY and PSF (including virgin and recycled)
Chart 4. Capacity of virgin PFY and PSF
Chart 5. Ratio of virgin to recycled PSF capacity
Chart 6. Ratio of virgin to recycled PFY capacity
Chart 7. PTA consumption of recycled and virgin polyester
Chart 8. Price spread between virgin and recycled PSF
Chart 9. Capacity growth of virgin and recycled PSF

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