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Insight | Time:Jun 20 2018 2:28PM
May cotton yarn imports may increase 10.63% m-o-m to 177kt
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1. Price gap change of imported cotton yarn at ordering time of major countries

Price gap of spot and forward imported Pakistani siro-spun carded 10S averaged at 283yuan/mt during Mar 1 to Apr 1, 102yuan/mt lower than 385yuan/mt in last cycle; that of Indian carded 32S for air-jet narrowed gradually and averaged at 449yuan/mt in Mar 26-Apr 25, down by 51yuan/mt from 510yuan/mt in last cycle; that of Vietnamese carded 32S for rapier averaged at about 66yuan/mt, down by 290yuan/mt from 356yuan/mt in last cycle. All above price gaps of spot and forward imported cotton yarn shrank to different degrees mainly due to higher production cost and rising price brought by good demand. Therefore, May arrivals are predicted more than Apr ones.

2. Traders’ reflection

33% of traders opined that May arrivals would reduce m-o-m, 56% thought increase and 11% flat.

3. May arrivals of imported cotton yarn assessment

According to customs’ statistics of major exporters, arrivals of imported yarn in May are assessed at 177kt, up by 10.63% m-o-m. Of the total, cotton yarn containing over 85% cotton reached 165.5kt. The major origins are Vietnam (55kt), India (41kt), Pakistan (34kt), Indonesia (11kt), Uzbekistan (11kt), Taiwan (10kt) and other regions and countries (15kt).

4. Imported yarn inventory and supply and demand in May

The inventory falls rapidly, but with price rising, some sellers slow down sales and inventory mounts slightly. Overall arrivals are predicted to inch up. As slack season coms, arrivals in Jun may keep stable or dip as well as demand. Overall inventory is likely to increase gradually.
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