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Insight | Time:May 15 2018 3:58PM
Big PBT plant raises price continuously, replenishment increases sporadically
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Price of conventional polyester filament yarn kept increasing with sound demand since March, and the profit was tolerable too. But PBT market performed mildly and price moved down even after the Spring Festival.

PBT price hiked apparently entering May. Big PBT plant Wuxi Xingsheng revised up price for continuously 3 times within 10 days, with price for PET fiber chip up by 200yuan/mt and that for POY and DTY up by 400yuan/mt and 500yuan/mt respectively.

Wuxi Xingsheng adjusts up PBT price in May
Date Increase price
2-May PBT filament yarn up by 200yuan/mt; POY50D/24F offered at 14,300yuan/mt, and DTY50D/24F quoted at 18,300yuan/mt. 
7-May PBT chip up by 200yuan/mt to 11,800yuan/mt
10-May PBT POY up by 200yuan/mt; 50D/24F quoted at 14,500yuan/mt; DTY rising by 300yuan/mt, and 50D/24F quoted at 18,600yuan/mt.

Cost of PBT remained high this year. Entering May, average cost of PBT ascended compared with April. Among the two major feedstock, increment of PTA was more apparent, while BDO market was relatively steady.

However, the absolute cost for PBT only increased limitedly, which was not a strong support for price uplift.

Price of PBT started rising from May last year stimulated by obviously growing replenishment from downstream market and falling inventory. In the second half of 2017, downstream demand for PBT covered yarn kept sound.

The reasons for the price uplift this year may be similar to the reasons last year. Downstream PBT covered yarn plants have started replenishing this year, and demand for PBT has moved off in some regions, which was reflected in orders in partial PBT plants. But some PBT plants said demand has not improved yet, expected to turn better in short run. Further observation still needs.
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