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Insight | Time:Dec 13 2017 8:51AM
HC re-PSF production cut-down coming
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HC re-PSF market remained weak recently with high-end offer in Hangzhou of Zhejiang falling 100-200yuan/mt and a large plant in Guangdong lowering offer by 100yuan/mt. Under such circumstance, production cut-down is on its way.

Energy-saving and consumption-reduction campaign keeps on going
In an effort to promote energy-saving and consumption-lowering in Fuyang of Hangzhou, ensuring the completion of 2017 energy-saving target, local government launched the emergence plan for the fourth round of energy conservation and consumption cut-down.

All energy-consumptive enterprises, including paper-making enterprises across the district shall be shut down for ten days for maintenance. Energy-consumptive industrial enterprises above the designated scale that consumed over 500 metric tons of energy in the first eight months (excluding enterprises that have been pre-regulated) shall make their own schedules on maintenance according to the requirement of controlling the index of total consumption, ensuring their used energy to fall by 12% in the whole year.

Impacted recycled polyester plants
Time for maintenance No. Street Company
8:00am on Nov 20—8:00am on Dec 5 1 Lingqiao Town Zhejiang Jinfuchun Industrial Co., Ltd.
8:00am on Dec 15—8:00am on Dec 25
8:00am on Nov 15—8:00am on Nov 25 2 Chunjiang Street Hangzhou Haike Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd.
8:00am on Dec 5—8:00am on Dec 15
8:00am on Nov 15—8:00am on Nov 25 3 Dayuan Town Fuyang Gaofeng Recycling Resources Application Co.,Ltd.
8:00am on Dec 8—8:00am on Dec 18
Enterprises to make their own plan on maintenance 1 Dongzhou Street Zhejiang Anshun Pettechs Fibre Co.Ltd.
2 Dongzhou Street Hangzhou taifor textile chemical Co.,Ltd.
3 Lushan Street Hangzhou Hanbang Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd.
4 Lushan Street Hangzhou Best Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd.
5 Lushan Street Hangzhou Yongshun Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd.

Enterprises which make their own plan on maintenance mainly operate one unit.

Limit on electricity application in Xiaoshan of Zhejiang
Xiaoshan government requires that electricity used in December shall be limited to within 1/3 of the average volume in the first nine months.

Plants in Guangdong willing to secure a stable price through production-cut
Some plants in Guangdong stopped procuring flake sources and some limited the recycling volume. As a price fall of feedstock is limited due to sustained tightness, and demand goes thin, many plants intend to cut production to ensure a stable market. There is some plant stopping one unit.

A big round of production-cut is on its way. Supply in late December is expected to fall with run rate in Zhejiang and Guangdong decreasing to below 70%. And some plants which want to secure zero inventory before the Lunar New Year may continue to give discounts should sales remain subdued.
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