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Insight | Time:Nov 30 2017 3:36PM
PET flake import will be allowable in 2018?
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In recent days, there goes the rumor that the import of PET flake may still be allowed. This paper is to give some thoughts on such saying.

On Nov 16, Li Ganjie, the chief of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) addressed at a conference that the import ban of foreign garbage is a landmark policy for building an ecologically-civilized society, local governments shall in the spirit of protecting the environment, devote to implementing the reform and standing tough on regulations and controls. Li said that since the publication of the Implementation Plan by the General Official of the State Council on Prohibiting Importing Foreign Garbage and Promoting Solid Waste Management System Reform, MEP and local governments have brought down overall imports of solid waste by cracking down on environmental-law violated cases, strictly reviewing the license for importing re-PET and revoke the licenses of some enterprises that violated environmental law in recent one year, guarding against various risks and improving the system for regulating the imports of solid waste by adjusting 4 classes, 24 kinds of solid wastes, including plastics waste from living sources (8 kinds), unsorted paper wastes (1 kind), waste textile materials (11 kinds) vanadium slag (4 kinds) into the List of Solid Waste Banned from Import from the List of Solid Waste Applicable for Raw Materials Restricted from Importing.

According to Li, environmental campaign shall be carried out with strong determination, strict discipline and resolute efforts.

 1, With precise grasp of the resolve of the Central government, all local governments shall take it a priority to greatly cut down the imports of solid waste, striving for overfilling the task set in the Implementation Plan.

 2, Intensify the overhaul of collecting and distributing centers. Strengthen cooperation among departments to outlaw highly-polluted enterprises that illegally applying recycling resources and hold environmental-law violated entities accountable.

 3, Keep to intensive law enforcement. Carry out special actions on cracking down environmental-law violations in imported waste processing and application industry for three consecutive years from 2018.

 4, Strengthen regulation over enterprises that process and apply imported waste. Stringently review and cut down licenses for importing solid wastes in 2018, giving zero tolerance over any falsifications. 

 5, Smoothly promote the reform. Shape policies to help affected enterprises to transform and affected areas to overcome difficulties.

More important is that Xin Jinpin, the president, Li Keqiang, the premier, Zhang Gaoli, the vice premier and other top senior officials have highlighted for many times over the solid waste import ban, bringing the policy a great meaning in the building of China’s ecological civilization.

Such a tough stance may indicate that import of PET flake may become a thing of the past, although it is yet early to pin down the situation. For any polices changes, this paper will update timely for your reference.
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