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Insight | Time:Aug 9 2017 2:08PM
Progress of rectification on water-jet looms in Zhejiang and Jiangsu
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Wujiang District
Wujiang District prohibited new water-jet looms since Jun 9, including which received approvals but were not put into production. According to the schedule, outdated equipment and capacity should be eliminated and declined to 238,000 sets from current 342,000 sets along with reclaimed-water recycling rate up to 100% from 10%. It is said that only Fenhu High-tech Park (Lili Town) in Wujiang conducted the elimination and rectification. According to the schedule, 12% water-jet looms should be eliminated in 2017, 24% in 2018 and 30% by end 2019 in Wujiang District.

There are over 63,000 water-jet looms in Fenhu High-tech Park (Lili Town), involving over 200 enterprises. Water-jet looms are scheduled to decline to 44,160 sets from 63,087 sets by end 2019. Water-jet looms beyond records and Environmental impact assessment (EIA) approvals started to be dismantled and verified on Aug 7. Excessive water-jet looms in Fenhu High-tech Park not dismantled before Aug 31 will face power outage on Sep 1. The other water-jet looms should be dismantled before Dec 1, or else they cannot receive compensation and will also face power outage.

Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing
37,480 sets of water-jet looms held by 2,246 households are targeted to be eliminated by 2018, including 6,980 held by 257 households in Xinteng Town, 24,448 held by 1,519 households in Wangjiangjing Town and 6,052 held by 470 households in Youchegang Town.

By Jun 12, 2,440 sets held by 121 households were eliminated, finishing 24.4% of the goal (10,000 water-jet looms).

By Aug 4, Youchenggang Town took the lead in eliminating private water-jet looms with over 98% shutdown. There were 6,212 water-jet looms held by 480 households in the town.

Binhu Sub-district, Huzhou
Water-jet looms in the region are required to halt production and conduct rectification from Aug 1 to Aug 31 2017, or else they will be forced to shut down.

Xialv Town, Keqiao District
40% water-jet looms will be eliminated by end 2017 through shutdown, upgrade and transformation. Currently there are 24 enterprises with water-jet looms, including 11 above designated size.
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