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Insight | Time:Jan 3 2017 2:50PM
China polypropylene (PP) expansions and turnaround schedules in 2017
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China’s polypropylene capacity is assessed over 20 million tons/year by the end of 2016, as 2.40 million tons/year new capacities have been started up in the single year of 2016, less than the increase in 2014 (3.40 million tons/year), while higher than the increase in 2013 and 2015 (1.10million tons/year).

New capacities in 2016
The major part of the 2.40 million tons/year increase in capacity has taken place in the last quarter of 2016. (Below table shows all the new capacities’ startup time.)

New PP capacities in 2016
Company Source of propylene Capacity (kt/year) Startup time
ChinaCoal Mengda coal-to 300 late Apr 2016
Zhongjing Petrochemical PDH 350 Apr-16
Shenhua Xinjiang coal-to 450 Oct-16
Zhongtian Hechuang I coal-to 700 Nov-16
Sinopec Guangzhou III oil-to 200 end Nov 2016
Ningbo Fortune PDH 400 end Nov 2016

China polypropylene market is under quite big impact of new capacities in the first quarter 2017, as newly started capacities are expected to release effectively during this period. Most players, as a result, hold a bearish look toward Q1 2017. Furthermore, the industry is under a winter mood, as players would normally leave for around half a month for Chinese Lunar New Year holiday. There is more preserved views.

PP capacity expansion schedules in 2017
PP capacity expansion schedules in 2017
Company Source of propylene Capacity (kt/year) Startup time
Changzhou Fund MTO 300 Jan-17
Yanhu Magnesium MTO 160 uncertain
Zhongjiang Petrochemical (Zhongjing Petrochemical II) PDH 350 trial in Jan 2017
Shenhua Ningxia Coal III coal-to 600 Q2 2017
Yunnan Yuntianhua oil-to 150 Q2 2017
Hebei Haiwei II PDH 200 Q3 2017
Jiutai Energy MTO 300 Q3 2017
CNOOC Huizhou Refinery II oil-to 400 Q4 2017-2018
Total 2460  

According to the announced schedules in 2017, new capacities are quite significant. However, many of the units are of high uncertainties, and are normally delayed from its original plans for many complicated factors. The probably coming on stream plants are Changzhou Fund (already started in Jan 2017), Zhongjiang Petrochemical, Shenhua Ningxia Coal III and Yunan Yuntianhua, mostly to be launched in Q2-Q3 2017. The total expansion in 2017 is initially forecasted to be around 1.56 million tons/year.

PP plant turnaround schedules in 2017
PP plant turnaround schedules in 2017
Company Capacity (kt/year) Time span Duration (day) Affected capacity (kt/year)
Sinopec Jiujiang Petrochemical 100 Feb 50 15
Sinopec Hainan Refinery 200 Mar-Apr 60 36
Sinopec Changling Petrochemical 100 Mar 24- 60 18
ZRCC (PP2#) 300 Apr 26-May 5 10 9
Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical 100 Oct 12-30 19 5.7
100 19 5.7
200 Mar 21-Apr 5 16 9.6
PetroChina Dalian Petrochemical 70 late Mar- 45 9.5
200 45 27
YPC 100 Jun 23-Aug 11 52 15.6
100 44 13.2
200 Jun 29-Aug 1 34 20.4
Sinopec Maoming Petrochemical (PP3#) 200 Apr 16-May 31 46 27.6
Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical 70 May 5-Jun 20 47 9.9
PetroChina Fushun Petrochemical 90 May- 50 13.5
300 50 45
Sinopec Guangzhou Petrochemical (PP2#) 60 Jun 1-Jul 5 35 6.3
Shijiazhuang Refinery 200 Aug 1-Sep 28 60 36
Shenhua Yulin 300 Apr 15-May 5 20 18

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