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Insight | Time:Dec 1 2016 10:03AM
Toluene and mixed xylenes capacity expansion in 2016-17
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Aromatics capacity expansion has seen a slowdown in recent years. Let’s have a glance at toluene and mixed xylenes capacity expansion in 2016-17 both in China and in other regions of Asia.

Capacity expansion in China in 2016
Company Toluene capacity (kt/yr) Mixed xylenes capacity (kt/yr) Status
Ningbo Daxie Petrochemical 280 340 Started in June
CNOOC Taizhou 175 220 Trial running, to begin production in early December
Zhuhai Changlian 150 300 Production began in April
CNOOC Huayue 54 93.6 Started in June, production began in July

CNOOC Taizhou’s reformer is currently under trial running, but commercial running will not start until 2017. CNOOC Huayue’s aromatics unit began production this June, and started to sell on-spec products in July.

Capacity expansion in Asia (excluding China) in 2016
Company Location Mixed xylenes capacity (kt/yr) Status
Tonen General Kokyoho, Japan 200 IX Commercial running since June
Hyundai Chemical Daesan, South Korea 1000 IX On-spec production since Oct 13
Showa Shell Yokkaichi, Japan 200 IX TDP unit started in July with internal toluene feedstock

IX: isomer-grade mixed xylenes

There’s not any new toluene capacity over Asia in 2016, while new isomer-MX capacity totals 1,400 kt/yr. Tonen General targets to sell its products, while the production form Hyundai Chemical is earmarked for its own downstream PX unit.

Upcoming capacity in China in 2017
Company Toluene capacity (kt/yr) Mixed xylenes capacity (kt/yr) Startup
PetroChina Yunnan 250 410 Early 2017
Chambroad Petrochemicals 120 150 Capacity expansion in 2017
Lijin Petrochemical Reforming capacity: 1,000kt/yr Early 2017
CNPPC Huizhou Refining II 280 240 Capacity expansion in 2017

CNOOC and Shandong tea-pot refineries have capacity to be on stream in 2017, while no such expansion has been reported yet elsewhere in Asia.
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