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Insight | Time:Nov 3 2016 1:27PM
China exports acrylonitrile for the first time
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Lately, a ship with 2,000 tons of acrylonitrile (ACN) has left Ningbo, Zhejiang for Southeast Asia. This is the first time that China exports ACN.

As an important raw material of synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber and synthetic resin etc., ACN supply used to be short for long time before 2015 with annual imports of 500-600kt. After some new ACN plants commenced operation in recent years, ACN supply gradually became ample. However, ACN exports were never seen in the past, not only because of the market situation, but also due to strict requirements for qualification of producers, traders and ports etc.

This first cargo belongs to China Jinshan Associated Trading Corporation, subsidiary of Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical. Jinshan Trading has been active to develop export market since 2015, and eventually signed a contract with a Southeast Asian acrylic fiber producer.
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