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Industry News | Time:May 23 2018 10:11AM
[12th China Hangzhou Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum]
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2018 China Hangzhou Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum, hosted by CCFGroup, sponsored by Lenzing, Henghui, Tangshan Snayou, Sateri, Birla Cellulose, Andritz, Ekman, Ekman, Sodra, Xinxiang CF and Fulida was held during May 23-May 24. More than 300 participants attended the forum and heard presentations from CCFGroup, Lenzing, Ekman, Celco and Hawkins Wright etc.

Keynote speech
Mr. Lai Tianming on behalf of CCFGroup warmly welcomed all the attendees.

Lai Tianming, General Manager of CCFGroup

A.M. May 23, 2018

Xiao Lisheng, Institute of World Economic and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
China's economic growth mode change and element analysis under "new era"

XLiu Jianhong, Silk Roads International Production Capacity Cooperation Promotion Center (SRIPCC)
"Belt and Road" international capacity cooperation policies and opportunities

Hu Jian, Senior Vice President North Asia of Lenzing
ECOVERO™& Lenzing new brand architecture

You Zhihua, China Hi-tech (Jiangxi) Textile Design Institute Co., Ltd
Viscose fiber environmental protection status and new technique application

P.M. May 23, 2018

Ding Jingqi, manager and industry analyst of CCFGroup
Cellulose fiber market analysis under new round of capacity expansion peak

Zhang Zixin, Secretary of Collaboration for Sustainable Development of Viscose
Collaboration for Sustainable Development of Viscose in Action

Nina Elmersson, vice president of Strategy and Project business of Ekman
Challenge the Fabric

Canopy, C&A, H&M, Lenzing, Rainforest Alliance Certification
Market value for sustainable development of fiber & brand manufacturer sharing 

Jin Xiangyu, Professor of Donghua University
Spunlace nonwoven technology-the application of cellulose fiber with fastest development

Huang Gangfeng, Purchasing Director of I'Happy Group
Changes and trend of apparel enterprises' fabric procurement

Su Jianjun from Dezhou, Shen Yaohua from Fuli Zhenlun, Liu Guoyong from Changle No. 2 Cotton, Gong Zhenhui from Pure Fiber, Dong Liangliu from Pengxiang and Liu Tao, president of Sateri (Linz)
Seminar on textile industry competitiveness and development direction of different areas

A.M. May 24, 2018

Christian Chavassieu, a managing partner of CelCo
Global DWP supply demand structure now and in the futures 3 years

Li Yun, Minister of Financial Markets in Zhongtai Chemical
Cause of drastic caustic soda price fluctuation and forecast for 2018

Alessandro Pellegrini, Business development manager of viscose fiber from Bozzetto Group
All-round Viscose Solutions

Li Yongqiang, Shanghai Baijin Chemical Co., Ltd.
Carbon disulfide market analysis and development trend

Oliver Lansdell, Hawkins Wright
The outlook for market pulp

Xia Shihui, industrial analyst of Huarui Information
Cotton market evolution in the later period of auction and the impact on cotton textiles

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