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Industry News | Time:Apr 13 2018 2:56PM
2018 turnaround schedules of China PP plant (Apr 113 updated)
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Company Capacity (000' mtpa) Production Operating rate Time for turnaround
Shenhua Yulin 300 ra co PP K4918 100% 20 days since Apr 5
PetroChina Sichuan PC 450 homo PP raffia L5E89 100% 60 days since Apr 8
Shenhua Ningxia Coal II 300 homo PP raffia 1102K 75% 20 days since Apr 10
300 homo PP raffia 1102K 75% 20 days since Apr 10
PetroChina Dalian PC 70 PP H39S-2 85% 15 days in Apr
200 PP T36FD 85% 15 days in Apr
Shaoxing Sanyuan 200 homo PP injection/fiber Y26SY 80% since mid-Apr
Ningbo Fund 400 homo PP raffia T30S 112% 30 days since Apr 25
ZRCC 200 homo PP injection M60T 108% 45 days since Apr 27
300 homo PP injection H30S 108%
Datang Duolun 230 homo PP raffia L5E89 100% since end-Apr
230 co PP injection LC1813 100%
Shenhua Baotou 300 homo PP raffia L5E89 100% 30 days since Jul
Shenhua Xinjiang 450 homo PP raffia S1003 80% 30 days since Aug

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