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Industry News | Time:Mar 29 2018 9:00AM
[17th China Hangzhou Chemical Fibre Forum (2018)]
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17th China Hangzhou Chemical Fibre Forum (2018), hosted by CCFGroup, sponsored by HighChem, CDES, Schultz Chemical Co., Ltd and Wenzhou Yufeng Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd was held in March 29-30, 2018. More than 600 participants including polyester feedstock and fiber producers as well as downstream plants, traders and financial institutions attended the forum and heard presentations from National Development and Reform Commission, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Shanghai Clearing House,CCFGroup, Rongsheng, Hengyi,Sinopec, HighChem, Horizon Insights, etc.

Opening Speech

Lai Tianming, General Manager of CCFGroup

Mr. Lai on behalf of CCFGroup, warmly welcomed all the attendees.

A.M. Mar 29, 2018

Chen Dongqi, Academy of Macroeconomic Research. NDRC
Development and policy direction of high-quality economy and new opportunities to enterprise

Xu Jin, GM Assistant, Rongsheng International Trade Co., Ltd.
Outlook for China's energy & chemical market

Gao Younian, Chief director of synthetic raw materials, Sinopec
2018 PX-PTA supply-demand and market outlook

Gao Lei, General Manager, HighChem
2018 China's MEG market highlights and industry climate outlook

Chen Ruigang, Scholar from Dalian Commodity Exchange
Introduction to MEG futures contract and rules designing status

P.M. Mar 29, 2018

Yuan Yuan, Huarui Information
Polyester market development and demand outlook for 2018

Wang Zongfang, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange
Introduction on participation of offshore traders in PTA futures

A.M. Mar 30, 2018

Xu Zhilong, Executive director of DH Fund Management
Investment strategies of stocks, bonds, and commodities for polyester chain in 2018

Yang Lixian, Zhejiang Hengyi Petrochemicals Co., Ltd.
2017 China's MEG market review and outlook for 2018 futures

Wang Yousheng, general manager of Jiangsu Foho Import & Export Co., Ltd.
China's MEG trading pattern and opportunities in 2018

Chu Jiewang, Shanghai Clearing House
Introduction on CNY MEG swap and central counterparties clearing business

Yang Qianli, General Manager of Shanghai Yijing Industrial Co., Ltd.
China's coal-based MEG market development and outlook

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