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Industry News | Time:Aug 11 2017 2:33PM
Glacial acetic acid plant operating status round-up (Aug 11)
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Average operating rate of China's acetic acid plants rises to 65.23% as of Aug 11.
Company Location Capacity (kt/yr) Status
Jingsu Sopo Jiangsu 1400 Running normally, production at 2.8 kilo-tons per day
Celanese Nanjing Jiangsu 1200 Closed on May 25, restarted on Jun 10, production at 2.0 ktpd
BP Nanjing Jiangsu 500 T/a from May 29, restarted on Jul 16, production at 1.2 ktpd
Shanghai Huayi Shanghai 700 450kt/yr unit closed on Jul 20, 250kt/yr unit production at 0.7 ktpd
Anhui Huayi Anhui 500 Running normally, production at 1.7 ktpd
Shandong Yankuang Shandong 1000 Running normally, production at 2.4 ktpd
Hualu Hengsheng Shandong 500 Running normally, production at 1.6 ktpd
Jiantao Chemical (YingDu Gasification) Hebei 500 Closed on Jul 24, restarted on Aug 11
Shunda Chemical Henan 450 Running normally, production at 1.1 ktpd
Yima Gasification Henan 200 Closed in early Aug, to restart on Aug 15
Puyang Longyu Henan 400 Closed on Jul 23, restarted on Aug 4; production at 1 ktpd
Tianjin Soda Plant Tianjin 250 Running normally, production at 0.7 ktpd
Yanchang Petroleum Shaanxi 250 Closed on Jul 11, to restart next week
Yangtze Jiang Acetyl Chemical Chongqing 450 Running normally, production at 1.3 ktpd
Sinopec Great Wall Energy and Chemical Ningxia 300 Running normally, production at 0.8 ktpd
Total capacity: 8600 Average operating rate: 65.23%

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