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Industry News | Time:Jan 13 2017 4:05PM
Methanol plant operating status round-up (updated to Jan 13)
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Domestic methanol plants operation round-up
Company Location Capacity(kt/yr) Turnaround
Lanzhou Bluestar Gansu 200 Remaining shut since Sep 1, 2014
Golmud 2# Qinghai 300 Remaining shut since H2 Nov, 2015
Qinghai Guilu Qinghai 800 Remaining shut since early 2016
Zhonghao Natural Gas chemical Qinghai 600 T/a from Nov 20, 2016
Berun Group Inner Mongolia 450 T/a from Nov 29, 2016
Yidong Dongfang Energy Inner Mongolia 100 Remaining shut since Jan, 2015
Shilin Chemical Inner Mongolia 300 Remaining shut since Nov 10, 2015
Berun Sulige Natural Gas Chemical Inner Mongolia 900 Remaining shut since Oct 10, 2014
Datang Duolun Inner Mongolia 1680 Remaining shut since Apr 30, 2016
Huadian Yulin Natural Gas Chemical 1# Shaanxi 610 Remaining shut since Jul 1, 2014
Shenmu Chemical Shaanxi 400 T/a from Dec 5, 2016; to restart on Jan 15
Huangling Coal Chemical Shaanxi 300 T/a from H2 Dec; restarted in end-Dec, 2016
Xianyang Petrochemical Shaanxi 100 Remaining shut since Dec 24, 2014
Yulin Natural Gas Chemical Shaanxi 600 T/a from Jan 3, 15 days
Ningxia Kingho Ningxia 100 Remaining shut from Jan, 2015
Jiantao Natural Gas Chemical Chongqing 450 Remaining shut since Jul 24, 2014
Luzhou Natural Gas Chemical Sichuan 445 Remaining shut since Sep 1, 2014
Bijie Dongneng Guizhou 200 Remaining shut since Jan 22, 2015
Jinchi Chemical Guizhou 300 Closed in early Dec, 2016
Jinkai Chemical Henan 300 T/a from end-Dec, 2016; restarted on Jan 8
Zhongxin Chemical Henan 300 T/a from early Oct, 2016
Hebi Coal Henan 600 T/a from Jan 6
Daqing Oil Field Heilongjiang 200 T/a from Nov 15, 2016
Dingzhou Tianlu Hebei 150 T/a from Nov 18, 2016
Shanxi Hongyuan Shanxi 120 T/a from Dec 24, 28 days

Overseas methanol plants operation round-up
Company Location Capacity(kt/yr) Turnaround
Petronas Malaysia 660, 1700 660kt/yr unit shut down
Brunei Methanol Company Brunei 850 Running steadily
Zagros Petrochemical Company Iran 1650, 1650 Running steadily
KPC Iran 660 Running at 70-80% of capacity
Fanavaran Petrochemical Company Iran 1000 Running at 70% of capacity
Methanex Egypt 1300 Running at 80% of capacity
Methanex New Zealand 520 Running at 90% of capacity
Methanex (Geismar 1&2#) Louisiana, US 2000 Running stably
LyondellBasell US 780 Running stably
Metor Venezuela 1600 Running at 90% of capacity
Supermetanol Venezuela 750 Running at 90% of capacity
Ar Razi Saudi Arabia 6000 Running steably
Methanex Trinidad and Tobago 2700 Running at 80-90% of capacity
Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Limited Trinidad and Tobago 4000 Running at 60-70% due to shortage of natural gas supply
Celanese and Mitsui JV US 1300 Running stably
Tomsk Russia 750 Running stably
Kaltim Methanol Industri Indonesia 660 Running stably
OCI US 930 Closed on Nov 30, 2016
Salalah Methanol Company Oman 1090 Running stably
Oman Methanol Company (Sohar) Oman 1050 Closed on Dec 9; restarted in end-Dec, 2016
IMC Saudi Arabia 1000 Running steadily
QAFAC Qatar 850 Running stably

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