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Industry News | Time:Jan 18 2017 9:22AM
Turnaround plans for polyester plants during Chinese New Year (updated on Jan 17)
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Plant Location involved capacity (kta) T/A Product Remark
Billion Jinjiang 200 Jan 24-Feb 15 SD POY/FDY  
Tongkun Tongxiang 500 Feb PFY  
Xinfengming Tongxiang 500 Late Jan- PFY  
Shenghong Shengze 250 Jan 20-Feb 10 SD PFY T/A, reform
Shengze 250 Jan 20-Feb 10 dull PFY  
Shengze 80 Feb cationic  
Lixin Shengze 80 Jan 4/20-Feb 20 cationic Technical reform
Senjo Taicang 200 Jan 22-Feb 15 SD POY  
Haixin Jiangsu 250 Jan 18-Feb 5 SD POY  
Nijiaxiang Jiangyin 140 Jan 20-Feb 4 PSF/fiber chip  
Hengyi Changshu 160 Jan 20-Feb 6 PFY  
Kangxin Ningbo 400 Jan 16/17-Feb 12 SD POY/PSF  
Zhuocheng Ningbo 180 Jan 12/20-Feb 10 SD POY  
Ruili (Jinxin) Shaoxing 180 Jan 10-Feb 2 POY/FDY Technical reform
Guxiandao Shaoxing 700 Jan 12/22-Feb 1 PIY/CHIP/PFY  
Ziwei Shaoxing 100 Jan 16-Feb 5 POY/FDY  
Shuangtu Xiaoshan 500 Jan 10/15-Feb 15 POY/FDY cut by half
Huaxin Xiaoshan 360 Jan 20-Feb 4 PFY  
Hengyi Xiaoshan 450 Jan 20-Feb 4 PFY cut production
Anbang Chuzhou 180 Jan 10-Feb 20 PSF/CHIP  
Huaya Wuxi 300 Feb bright FDY  
Sanfangxiang Jiangyin 500 early Jan- PSF, bottle chip, fiber chip  
Huahong Jiangyin 380 Jan 20-Feb 4 PSF cut by 1140ton/day
Hongtai Dongtai 15 Jan 5/10- POY cut by 20%
Huayi Huzhou 100 Jan 18-Feb 6/11 POY/FDY cut by half
Unifull Huzhou 100 Jan 25- PIY cut by half
Huaxin Ningbo 200 Jan 1/14 SD POY cut to 710ton/day
Jinsheng Ningbo 25 H1 Jan-Feb 11 SD POY cut production
Huaxing tyre Ningbo 150 Jan 10/20- PFY/PSF PFY cut by half, PSF shut
Jiabao Shaoxing 100 Jan 10-Feb 15 FDY cut by 33%
Nanfang Shaoxing 70 Jan 15-Feb 4 FDY cut by 200ton/day
Changle Taicang 45 Jan 7- POY cut production
Zhenhui Taicang 30 Jan 15-early Feb POY cut production
Xinmin Wujiang 60 Jan 12- FDY cut production
Yingxiang Wujiang 130 Mid Jan- FDY cut by 30%
Donghua Xiaoshan 10 Jan 20-Feb 6 cationic cut to 70%
Jingwei Changle 65 Jan 17- PSF cut by 200ton/day
Total   7940      

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