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Industry News | Time:Nov 24 2016 3:32PM
2017 China state cotton reserves sales to commence from March 6, 2017
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China state cotton reserves will not be arranged during the period when new cotton comes into the market (till end February 2017) based on current market supply and demand condition and market operation status, according to the latest news released by National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance on November 22, 2016.

Moreover, 2017 state cotton reserves sales will begin from March 6, 2017, to end in August, 2017. In principle, the daily selling volumes will be 30,000 tons, but if domestic and international cotton prices soar obviously during a period and more than 70 percent of reserved cotton is sold per day for three days within one week, the daily selling volumes can be added and the selling time can be extended.
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