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Industry News | Time:Mar 22 2012 9:57AM
Technical level and product quality of domestic textile machinery greatly improved
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In the recently held meeting by China Textile Machinery Association, insiders made particular emphasis that China’s textile machinery industry has exceeded 100 billion Yuan of industrial output value, which signifies that China's textile industry has entered a new development stage, an era of one hundred billion Yuan.

According to the data from National Bureau of Statistics, China's textile machinery industry achieved an industrial output value of 107.367 billion Yuan in 2011, an increase of 27.44 percent year on year, profits realized 7.143 billion Yuan, an increase of 33.39 percent year on year; exports registered US $ 2.245 billion, an increase of 27.81 percent year on year.

China's textile industry suffered double impacts of the debt crisis in Europe and fluctuations of raw materials in 2011, but the industry still maintained a steady growth trend.

This shows that the technical level and product quality of domestic textile machinery has been greatly improved; on the other hand, it also shows that Chinese textile enterprises still have huge demand potential of equipment.
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