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Live News | Time:Jun 14 2018 11:32AM
Polyester yarn plants lower offers or give discounts in trading
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Polyester/cotton yarn offer in Fujian shows stable. T/C 65/35 32S quote prevails at 18,000-18,200yuan/mt with higher at 18,500-18,800yuan/mt, after-tax, ex-works. Polyester yarn supply shows tight in Zhejiang. T32S offer prevails at 14,400-14,600yuan/mt, after-tax, ex-works. Polyester yarn offer falls in Jiangxi. T32S is mainly offered at 14,400yuan/mt, after-tax, ex-works. Sales is slack. In Fujian, plants give discounts. T32S offer prevails at 14,200-14,300yuan/mt, after-tax, ex-works. Most plants are still out of supply. Yet sales is thin.


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