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Live News | Time:Jun 7 2018 3:41PM
ZCE methanol futures for Sep close 2.44% higher
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The most actively traded Sep methanol futures (MA1809) open at 2,745yuan/mt, and surge to close at 2,810yuan/mt, 67yuan/mt or 2.44% higher from previous settlement on Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange. The open interest increases 148,530 lots to 800,144 lots, and the turnover totals 1,037,016 lots.

Jun 7 Open (Jun 6 09:00pm + 08:00) High Low Close (Jun 7 03:00pm + 08:00) Change Turnover(lot) Open interest(lot) Change
MA1809 2,745 2,819 2,743 2,810 67 1,037,016 800,144 148,530

$1=CNY 6.40
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