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Live News | Time:Apr 21 2017 11:44AM
PP market warms up on bottomed up futures
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PP granule
Offers in East China market tick up slightly, boosted by futures rebound since Thursday afternoon. Traders test market with higher offers, and inquiry mood warms. Traders' offers for homo PP raffia are at 7,800-7,850yuan/mt, and offers for coal-based low-MFR co PP were at 8,150yuan/mt, by cash.
Sinopec East cuts offers for homo PP raffia & film and co PP down by 150yuan/mt and 100yuan/mt, by cash, ex-works.

South China market is in narrow consolidation and market low-price sources reduce after futures rebound. Traders' offers for homo PP raffia and fiber grades are mainly at 7,900-8,050yuan/mt, and 8,500-8,750yuan/mt, by cash.
Sinopec South cuts offers for specialty-grade PP by 100yuan/mt, by cash, ex-works.

North China market is in small correction. Traders offer steadily. Traders' offers for homo PP raffia grade are mainly at 7,750-7,950yuan/mt, and offers for low-MFR co PP are at 8,200-8,600yuan/mt, by cash.

PP powder
PP powder market is in narrow shifts. As futures price rebounds slightly, powder market stabilizes. Buy interest is tepid yet. Offers are at 7,200-7,400yuan/mt in Shandong province, and 7,500-7,750yuan/mt in East China, by cash, ex-works.

$1=CNY 6.90

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