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Live News | Time:Jan 12 2017 11:27AM
Firm LLDPE futures drives spot prices modestly, others flat
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East China is steady to strong. LLDPE futures opens high, and drives spot market modestly higher. Buy interest lingers flat. Traders offer for LLDPE at 9,900-10,150yuan/mt (with anti-blocking agent above 10,300yuan/mt), LDPE at 11,600-12,000yuan/mt, HDPE film-grade and coal-based medium-MFR injection-grade at 10,100-10,500yuan/mt and 9,700-9,900yuan/mt, Yangtze raffia 5000S at 10,450yuan/mt, Jilin pipe 100S at 10,200yuan/mt, by cash, delivered in E. China.
Sinopec East cuts part of offers for LPDE down by 200yuan/mt, by cash, ex-works.

North China market sees spot LLDPE strengthens with futures, and downstream restock mood is good. Traders offer for LLDPE at 9,800-10,000yuan/mt, LDPE at 11,600-12,000yuan/mt, and HDPE (raffia 5000S, blow-molding 5502 and injection 7260) at 10,350yuan/mt, 10,300yuan/mt, and 10,300yuan/mt, by cash, delivered in N. China.

S. China market is in narrow range-bound, as part of LDPE prices fall from Sinopec, trading prices are following. Demand is limited in spite of firm futures trend. Most traders offer for LLDPE at 10,000-10,150yuan/mt, LDPE at 11,950-12,200yuan/mt, and HDPE (Maoming blowmolding 5502LW, Daqing 5000S) at 10,300yuan/mt and 10,800yuan/mt, by cash, delivered in S. China.
Sinopec South cuts part of offers for LPDE down by 100yuan/mt, by cash, ex-works.
$1=CNY 6.94
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