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Live News | Time:Sep 11 2014 9:53AM
Methodology: CCFGroup PSF daily sales ratio and inventory
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PSF sales ratio and inventory are calculated based on daily production, sales ratio=daily turnover/daily production * 100%; inventory=inventory volume/daily production (but mostly inventory data was calculated comprehensively with sales ratio and operating rate).

Specifically, daily turnover refers to sales volume recorded on that day, not the delivery volume. If PSF producers shut down unit but it still records order and sell previous stockpiles. Thus, the daily sale ratio=daily turnover/daily production before unit shutdown.

e.g.: Plant A's capacity is 1 kt/day, running at 60% so daily output is 600 MT. Assume Plant A sold 400 MT today, the sales ratio is 67% and inventory increases by 200tons (0.3day).

CCFGroup start collecting PSF sales data of major polyester plants in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Fujian since 3 pm. 

Note: Concerning the trades after 3 pm and statistical error, the inventory data will be revised at regular intervals, mostly at 1-2 weeks.

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