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Annual report | Time:Jul 4 2017 10:09AM
2017 China PVC industry annual report
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*The initial edition of the annual report will be published in early Nov 2017, and full edition will be updated in Feb 2018.

2017 China Polyvinyl Chloride Industry Annual Report

Chapter one. Crude oil market review

Chapter two. PVC spot market review
I. Carbide-based PVC market
II. Ethylene-based PVC market

Chapter three. DCE PVC futures market review
I. PVC futures market
II. PVC spot-futures spread

Chapter four. PVC production cash flows
I. Carbide-based PVC process cost
II. Ethylene-based PVC process cost

Chapter five. PVC supply and demand
I. PVC supply
  1.1 PVC capacity and production
  1.2 PVC plant operating rate
  1.3 PVC plant inventory
II. PVC apparent demand
III. PVC capacity expansions

Chapter six. PVC imports and exports
I. PVC imports and exports
II. PVC imports by terms of trade
III. PVC imports by origins
IV. PVC imports by the customs

Chapter seven. PVC upstream and downstream industry
I. Carbid market
II. Ethylene, EDC, VCN market
III. PVC downstream distribution and operation
  3.1 PVC downstream distribution
  3.2 New housing starts

Chapter eight. Market outlook
I. Macro economy and crude oil in 2018
  1.1 Macro economy outlook in 2018
  1.2 Crude oil price forecast in 2018
II. PVC capacity expansion schedules
III. PVC supply and demand forecast in 2018
IV. PVC market outlook in 2018

Chart 1. Crude oil price trend in 2017
Chart 2. Crude oil price spread in 2017
Chart 3. PVC price trend in 2016-2017
Chart 4. Ethylene-based PVC price trend in 2016-2017
Chart 5. PVC spot-futures price trend and spread in 2017
Chart 6. Carbide-based PVC price and cash flow
Chart 7. Ethylene-based PVC PP price and cash flow
Chart 8. China’s PVC capacity and production
Chart 9. Comparison of PVC production in 2016 and 2017
Chart 10. PVC plant operating rate in 2017
Chart 11. PVC plant inventory in 2017
Chart 12. PVC capacity, apparent demand, production
Chart 13. China PVC imports and exports in 2014-2017
Chart 14. Carbide and PVC price trends in 2017
Chart 15. Imported ethylene price trend in 2017
Chart 16. Imported EDC and VCM price trends in 2017
Chart 17. PVC downstream distribution
Chart 18. New housing starts’ area in 2016-2017

Figure 1. PVC average monthly price in 2017
Figure 2. PVC apparent demand in 2014-2017
Figure 3. PVC capacity expansions in 2017
Figure 4. Phased-out PVC capacity in 2017
Figure 5. PVC imports by terms of trade
Figure 6. PVC imports by origins
Figure 7. PVC imports by the customs
Figure 8. Economic growth forecast of major world economies
Figure 9. Major investment banks and institutions' oil price forecast in 2018
Figure 10. PVC capacity expansion schedules in 2018
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