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Annual report | TimeJun 30 2017 8:16AM
2017 China methanol industry annual report
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CCFGroup Chemical Market Annual Report for 2017
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The initial edition of the annual report will be published in early Nov 2017, and full edition will be updated in Feb 2018.

2017 China Methanol Industry Annual Report
Chapter One. Macro economy and upstream market
I. Macro economy and US dollar
II. Crude oil
  1. Crude oil price in 2017
  2. Relativity between crude oil and methanol
III. Coal
  1. Coal price in 2017
  2. Relativity between coal and methanol

Chapter Two. Methanol market review
I. China¨s domestic methanol market
  1. Market in coastal regions
  2. Market in inland China
  3. Regional flow and arbitrage trade from inland to coastal regions
II. Global methanol markets
  1. Methanol prices
  2. Arbitrage trading of CFR China cargoes to East China
III. Methanol futures
  1. The most actively traded contract
  2. Futures and spots
IV. Methanol production costs and margins
  1. Coal based methanol production
  2. Natural gas based methanol production
  3. Coke oven gas based methanol production

Chapter Three. Global methanol supply structure
I. Global methanol capacity

Chapter Four. Methanol supply in China
I. Capacity
  1. Structure
  2. Distribution
  3. Concentration
II. Output
  1. Production growth
  2. Plant operation
III. Imports and exports
  1. Imports
  2. Exports
IV. Storage tank inventory in coastal regions
V. New capacity in 2017

Chapter Five. Demand for methanol in China
I. Demand structure
II. Downstream derivatives
  1. Methanol-to-olefins
  2. Formaldehyde
  3. Dimethyl ether
  4. Acetic acid
  5. MTBE
  6. DMF

Chapter Six. Methanol market outlook
I. Macro economy and crude oil
  1. Macro economy
  2. Crude oil
  3. Oil price forecast for 2018
  4. Commodity futures market
II. Methanol capacity expansion
III. Demand growth
IV. Methanol market outlook for 2018

Chart 1. Macro economy on crude oil price in Jan-Nov 2017
Chart 2. WTI futures and US dollar index in 2017
Chart 3. Prices of Brent and WTI oil futures in 2017
Chart 4. Global crude oil demand and supply
Chart 5. Crude oil and China¨s imported methanol
Chart 6. Coal price in 2017
Chart 7. Coal and methanol in Northwest China
Chart 8. Methanol prices in coastal regions
Chart 9. Methanol prices in inland China
Chart 10. Methanol prices in global markets
Chart 11. Arbitrage trading of CFR China cargoes to East China
Chart 12. The most actively traded contract
Chart 13. Price spread of methanol futures to spots
Chart 14. Cash flow of coal-based methanol production in Northwest China
Chart 15. Cash flow of natural gas-based methanol production in Southwest China
Chart 16. Cash flow of coke oven gas-based methanol production in Shanxi
Chart 17. Global methanol capacity growth in 2015-2017
Chart 18. 2017 global methanol capacity distribution
Chart 19. Methanol capacity growth in China in 2011-2017
Chart 20. Methanol capacity by feedstock in 2015-2017
Chart 21. Methanol capacity by feedstock in 2017
Chart 22. Methanol capacity distribution in 2014-2017
Chart 23. Methanol capacity by region in 2017
Chart 24. Methanol capacity by plant capacity size in 2017
Chart 25. Number of methanol plants by capacity size in 2017
Chart 26. Methanol supply-demand in 2016-2017
Chart 27. Methanol production growth in 2016-2017
Chart 28. Methanol production by region in Jan-Dec, 2017
Chart 29. Methanol plant operating rate in 2015-2017
Chart 30. Monthly methanol imports and average prices in 2016-2017
Chart 31. Methanol imports by origins in Jan-Dec, 2017
Chart 32. Methanol imports by terms of trade in Jan-Dec, 2017
Chart 33. Methanol imports by customs in Jan-Dec, 2017
Chart 34. Monthly methanol exports and average prices in 2016-2017
Chart 35. Methanol exports by destinations in Jan-Dec, 2017
Chart 36. Methanol exports by origins in Jan-Dec, 2017
Chart 37. Methanol exports by terms of trade in Jan-Dec, 2017
Chart 38. Methanol inventory and price in East China
Chart 39. Methanol inventory in East and South China
Chart 40. The structure of demand for methanol
Chart 41. Demand for methanol breakdown in 2017
Chart 42. Operating rates of downstream derivatives
Chart 43. Methanol-to-polypropylene cash flow
Chart 44. Formaldehyde cash flow
Chart 45. Dimethyl ether cash flow
Chart 46. Acetic acid cash flow
Chart 47. Shandong MTBE price
Chart 48. DMF cash flow
Chart 49. Crude oil supply and demand growth in 2004-2018
Chart 50. Crude oil demand deficit in 2004-2018
Chart 51. PPI year-on-year growth in China
Chart 52. PPI and CPI year-on-year growth in China

Figure 1. Methanol price change in 2017
Figure 2. Monthly methanol price in 2017
Figure 3. Relativity between methanol futures and spots
Figure 4. Operation of natural gas-based methanol plants
Figure 5. New methanol capacity in 2017
Figure 6. Methanol-to-olefins capacity round-up
Figure 7. Methanol-to-aromatics capacity round-up
Figure 8. Economic growth forecast
Figure 9. Oil price forecast from major investment banks and institutions
Figure 10. Upcoming overseas methanol plants
Figure 11. Upcoming domestic methanol plants
Figure 12. Upcoming methanol-to-olefins plants
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