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Annual report | TimeNov 2 2016 10:16AM
2016 China benzene industry annual report
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Chapter one. China benzene industry development
I. Benzene capacity and output in Asia
II. Benzene capacity and output in China
III. Hydrorefining benzene capacity and output in China
IV. Benzene downstream sector development in China
  1. Styrene monomer capacity and output
  2. Phenol capacity and output
  3. Caprolactam capacity and output
V. Benzene international trade development

Chapter Two. 2016 benzene market analysis
I. Crude oil prices
II. Benzene prices
  1. China domestic market
    1.1 2014-2016 benzene price comparison in East China
    1.2 Sinopec listed price and contract settlement price
  2. Intenational market
    2.1 Price comparison of Korea, U.S and Europe
    2.2 China-Asia arbitrage
    2.3 Asia-US arbitrage
    2.4 China-US arbitrage
  3. Correlation of China domestic and international benzene prices
III. Benzene imports and exports of China
  1. Benzene import and export volume in 2011-2016
  2. Monthly benzene import volume in 2015-2016
  3. Monthly benzene import volume and price in 2016
  4. Monthly benzene export volume and price in 2016
  5. Benzene import and export by terms of trade
  6. Benzene import and export by origin
  7. Benzene import and export by destination
IV. Hydrorefining benzene market operation
  1. Crude benzol
  2. Hydrorefining benzene

Chapter Three. Benzene supply and demand
I. Benzene supply and demand balance
II. Supply
  1. Benzene supply
    1.1 Operating rate
    1.2 Output
    1.3 Port inventory
    1.4 Plant inventory
  2. Hydrorefining benzene supply
    2.1 Crude benzol plant operating rate
    2.2 Crude benzol output
    2.3 Hydrorefining benzene plant operating rate
    2.4 Hydrorefining benzene output
III. Benzene demand
  1. Plant operating rates of downstream plants
  2. Monthly demand
  3. Downstream market movements
    3.1 Styrene monomer
    3.2 Phenol
    3.3 Caprolactam
    3.4 Adipic acid
  4. Monthly benzene supply and demand
  5. Supply and demand of benzene industrial chain

Chapter Four. Profit
I. Benzene profit
II. Hydrorefining benzene profit
III. Profits in upstream and downstream

Chapter Five. Related products
I. Price spread of benzene and hydrorefining benzene
II. Oil products-benzene
III. PX-benzene
IV. Toluene-benzene
V. MX-benzene

Chapter Six. 2017 benzene market outlook
I. Crude oil
  1. Macro economy
  2. Fundamentals
  3. Price forecast
II. Benzene supply and demand forecast
  1. Chinese market
  2. Asian market
III. 2017 benzene price forecast

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