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Annual report | Time:Nov 1 2016 11:10AM
2016 China methanol industry annual report
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The annual report will be sent to formal subscribers by our service team on January 20th when it is published.

If you need the report, please contact us at:

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Email: market@ccfgroup.com


Chapter one. Macro economy and upstream market
I. Macro economy and U.S. dollar
II. Crude oil
1. Price in 2016
2. Correlation between crude oil and methanol
III. Coal
1. Price in 2016
2. Correlation between coal and methanol

Chapter two. Methanol market in 2016
I. China’s domestic market
1. East and South China
2. Inland China
II. Global market
1. Price trend
2. Arbitrage trading
III. Methanol futures
1. The most actively traded contract
2. Futures versus spots
IV. Methanol production cash flow in China
1. Coal to methanol
2. Natural gas to methanol
3. Coke oven gas to methanol

Chapter three. Global methanol supply and demand in 2016
I. Capacity distribution
II. Supply and demand dynamics

Chapter four. China’s methanol supply and demand in 2016
I. Domestic capacity
1. Capacity distribution
3. Capacity concentration
II. Supply
1. Domestic production
2. Plant operation
III. Import and export
1. Import
2. Export
IV. Port inventory
V. Capacity expansion in 2016

Chapter five. China’s demand for methanol in 2016
I. Demand structure
II. Downstream derivatives
1. Methanol-to-olefins
2. Formaldehyde
3. Dimethyl ether
4. Acetic acid
5. Methyl tertiary butyl ether
6. Dimethyl formamide
7. Others

Chapter six. Outlook in 2017
I. Economic environment and crude oil
II. Capacity expansion
III. Consumption growth
IV. Market forecast

List of charts
Chart 1. WTI crude oil futures in 2016
Chart 2. WTI and Brent crude oil futures in 2016
Chart 3. Quarterly supply and demand for crude oil
Chart 4. Correlation between crude oil and methanol in 2016
Chart 5. Coal price in 2016
Chart 6. Correlation between coal and methanol in Northwest China in 2016
Chart 7. Methanol price in East and South China in 2016
Chart 8. Methanol price in inland China in 2016
Chart 9. Overseas methanol price in 2016
Chart 10. Methanol price spread for arbitrage trading
Chart 11. The most actively traded methanol futures price in 2016
Chart 12. Methanol futures and spots
Chart 13. Cash flow of coal to methanol in 2016
Chart 14. Cash flow of natural gas to methanol in 2016
Chart 15. Cash flow of coke oven gas to methanol in 2016
Chart 16. Global methanol capacity in 2013-2016
Chart 17. Global methanol capacity distribution
Chart 18. Global demand for methanol
Chart 19. Methanol capacity in 2008-2016
Chart 20. Feedstock capacity in 2013-2016
Chart 21. Methanol production by feedstock
Chart 22. China’s methanol capacity evolvement in 2013-2016
Chart 23. China’s methanol capacity distribution in 2013-2016
Chart 24. Scale of capacity in China
Chart 25. Methanol producers by capacity scale
Chart 26. Supply and demand in 2015-2016
Chart 27. China’s methanol output in 2015-1026
Chart 28. China’s methanol output distribution in 2016
Chart 29. Plant operating rate in 2013-1026
Chart 30. China’s methanol imports and average price in 2015-2016
Chart 31. Imports by origin
Chart 32. Imports by trade term
Chart 33. Imports by customs
Chart 34. China’s methanol exports and average price in 2015-2016
Chart 35. Exports by destination
Chart 36. Exports by origin
Chart 37. Exports by trade term
Chart 38. China’s methanol port inventory
Chart 39. Inventory in East and South China ports
Chart 40. China’s demand for methanol
Chart 41. Demand structure
Chart 42. Operation of downstream derivative plants
Chart 43. Margins of methanol-to-olefins
Chart 44. Margins of methanol to formaldehyde
Chart 45. Margins of methanol to dimethyl ether
Chart 46. Margins of methanol to acetic acid
Chart 47. Margins of methanol to methyl tertiary butyl ether in Shandong
Chart 48. Margins of methanol to dimethyl formamide
Chart 49. Growth rate of crude oil supply and demand in recent 14 years
Chart 50. Gap in demand for crude oil in recent 14 years

List of figures
Figure 1. Methanol price summary in 2016
Figure 2. Monthly methanol price summary in 2016
Figure 3. Methanol futures and spots in 2016
Figure 4. Natural gas to methanol plant operation
Figure 5. Capacity expansion in 2016
Figure 6. Methanol-to-olefins capacity in 2016
Figure 7. Methanol-to-aromatics capacity in 2016
Figure 8. Economic grow forecast for major countries
Figure 9. Crude oil price forecast by major institutes
Figure 10. Upcoming methanol production plants abroad
Figure 11. Upcoming domestic methanol production plants
Figure 12. Upcoming methanol-to-olefins plants
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