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Annual report | Time:Nov 1 2016 11:02AM
2016 China PP industry annual report
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The annual report will be sent to formal subscribers by our service team on January 20th when it is published.

If you need the report, please contact us at:

T 86-571-83786653, 83786504
F 86-571-83786600
Email: market@ccfgroup.com


Chapter one. Crude oil

Chapter two. PP spot market in 2016
I. China PP RMB spot market
 1. PP granule market
 2. PP powder market
II. Imported PP USD spot market

Chapter three. PP futures market

Chapter four. PP cash flow
I. Oil-based PP process cost
II. MTO-based PP process cost
III. PDH-based PP process cost
IV. Propylene-to PP powder process cost

Chapter five. PP plant operation
I. China PP plant operating rate
II. China PP plant operation round-up
III. New PP plants in China in 2016

Chapter six. PP supply and demand
I. Apparent demand in recent years
II. Downstream demand structure
III. Inventory in petrochemical plants

Chapter seven. PP downstream industry in 2016
I. Plastic market overview
II. BOPP film industry
 2.1 BOPP film capacity
 2.2 BOPP film production units
 2.3 BOPP film market

Chapter eight. PP import and export
I. PP import in 2016
 1.1 Homo PP import
 1.2 Co PP import
 1.3 Ra co-PP import
II. PP export in2016

Chapter Nine. Outlook in 2017
I. Macro economy and crude oil market outlook
1.1 Macro economy outlook
1.2 Crude oil market outlook
1.3 Price forecast of major investment bank and organizations on crude oil
II. PP supply forecast and new capacities
2.1 Supply forecast
2.2 New capacities
III. PP demand forecast
IV. PP market outlook

Chart 1. Crude oil price trend
Chart 2. Crude oil price spread trend
Chart 3. PP granule price trend
Chart 4. PP powder price trend
Chart 5. Imported homo PP price trend
Chart 6. PP futures price trend
Chart 7. PP spot-futures price trends
Chart 8. PP capacity proportion by feedstocks
Chart 9. Oil-to PP cash flow
Chart 10. Methanol-to PP cash flow
Chart 11. PDH-to PP cash flow
Chart 12. Propylene-to PP cash flow
Chart 13. China PP granule plant operating rate
Chart 14. PP new capacities
Chart 15. China PP plants’ production
Chart 16. China PP demand distribution in 2016
Chart 17. Petrochemical plants’ plastics inventory
Chart 18. Plastic product production in past 3 years
Chart 19. Plastic film production in past 3 years
Chart 20. China BOPP plant operating rate
Chart 21. BOPP plants by processing technologies
Chart 22. BOPP plants by width of production line
Chart 24. BOPP cash flow
Chart 25. PP imports in recent years
Chart 26. Homo PP import in recent years
Chart 27. Co PP import in recent years
Chart 28. Ra co-PP import in recent years
Chart 29. Total PP exports in 2016
Chart 30. China PP capacity trends
Chart 31. Plastics and films’ production year-on-year growth

Figure 1. China PP capacity distribution by feedstocks
Figure 2. China PDH-based PP capacity
Figure 3. PP granule plant turnarounds in 2016
Figure 4. PP plant expansion schedules in 2017
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