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Annual report | Time:Oct 30 2015 1:16PM
2015 China PE industry annual report
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Chapter one. Crude oil market
Chapter two. PE spot market
I. China PE RMB spot market
II. Imported PE USD spot market
Chapter three. PE futures market
Chapter four. PE cash flow
Chapter five. PE plant operation
I. China PE plant operating rate
II. China PE plant operation round-up
III. New PE plants in China in 2015
Chapter six. PE supply and demand
I. PE apparent demand
II. PE downstream demand structure
III. Inventory in petrochemical plants
Chapter seven. PE downstream industry
I. Plastic market overview
II. Downstream agricultural film industry
Chapter eight. PE import and export
I. PP import in 2015
 1.1 LLDPE import
 1.2 LDPE import
 1.3 HDPE import
I. PE export in 2015
Chapter Nine. Outlook in 2016
I. Macro economy and crude oil market outlook
II. PE capacity expansion forecast
III. PE demand forecast
IV. PE market outlook

Chart 1. PE price trends in 2015
Chart 2. Imported PE price trends in 2015
Chart 3. LLDPE futures price trend
Chart 4. PE spot-futures price trends
Chart 5. PE cash flow trends
Chart 6. China PE granule plant operating rate
Chart 7. China PE apparent demand growth
Chart 8. China PP consumption structure
Chart 9. Petrochemical plants’ inventory
Chart 10. Agricultural film output in recent years
Chart 11. Agricultural film cash flow in recent years
Chart 12. China PE monthly import in 2015
Chart 13. PE import proportion by categories in 2015
Chart 14. LLDPE import in recent years
Chart 15. LDPE import in recent years
Chart 16. HDPE import in recent years
Chart 17. PE import dependency changes in recent years
Chart 18. China PE monthly export in 2015
Chart 19. PE export proportion by categories in 2015

Figure 1. China PE monthly average price
Figure 2. Imported PE monthly average price
Figure 3. China PE plant and capacities
Figure 4. PE capacity expansions in 2015
Figure 5. China PE apparent demand in 2015
Figure 6. PE capacity expansion schedules in 2016

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