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Annual report | Time:Oct 29 2015 3:34PM
2015 China styrene monomer industry annual report
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Chapter One. Feedstock market review
I. Crude oil and styrene monomer
1. Crude oil
2. Crude oil and styrene monomer correlation
2. Benzene and styrene monomer
2.1 Benzene
2.2 Benzene and styrene monomer correlation
3. Ethylene

Chapter Two. Styrene monomer market
I. China market
1. Domestic market
2. Import market
II. Domestic to import price spread
III. International market

Chapter Three. Styrene monomer supply and demand
I. Supply
1. Plant operations
2. SM capacity and output
3. SM port inventory in East China
II. Demand
1. SM apparent demand
2. Downstream demand
III. Supply and demand balance
IV. SM industrial chain supply and demand

Chapter Four. Styrene monomer profit
I. Profit analysis
II. Profits in upstream and downstream

Chapter Five. SM import and export
I. SM monthly import and price
II. Imports by origin
III. Imports by terms of trade
IV. Imports by destination

Chapter Six. Expendable polystyrene
I. China EPS market
II. Asian EPS market
III. Domestic EPS plant operating rate
IV. EPS export
1. Export volume
2. Export by origin
3. Export by terms of trade
4. Export by destination
V. EPS supply and demand
VI. EPS cash flow

Chapter Seven. Polystyrene
I. Price trend
II. Import
III. Supply and demand
IV. Cash flow

Chapter Eight. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
I. Price trend
II. Capacity
III. Import and export
IV. Supply and demand
V. Cash flow

Chapter Nine. 2016 styrene monomer market outlook
I. Macro economy and crude oil
II. Styrene monomer supply and demand
1. 2016 SM supply and demand forecast
1.1 2016-2017 SM capacity forecast
1.2 2016-2017 SM output forecast
1.3 2016-2017 SM import forecast
1.4 2016-2017 SM apparent demand
III. 2016 SM price forecast
1. Price review
2. Influential factors
3. Price forecast
IV. Forecast for downstream

Chapter Ten. Summary

Chart 1. World crude oil futures prices
Chart 2. Crude oil and East China SM prices
Chart 3. Benzene price comparison in East China
Chart 4. Benzene prices in international market
Chart 5. Benzene and SM prices in East China
Chart 6. Asian ethylene price
Chart 7. Styrene monomer prices in China domestic market
Chart 8. CFR China styrene monomer prices
Chart 9. SM transactions in import market
Chart 10. Domestic-CFR China SM price spread
Chart 11. Styrene monomer prices in overseas markets
Chart 12. SM plant operating rate
Chart 13. SM monthly supply
Chart 14. SM capacity changes
Chart 15. SM port inventory in East China
Chart 16. SM port inventory and price in East China
Chart 17. Operating rate of SM downstream plants
Chart 18. Styrene monomer cash flow on benzene basis
Chart 19. Styrene monomer cash flow on hydro-coking benzene basis
Chart 20. Yearly average cash flows of SM industrial chain
Chart 21. SM imports of Chiba imports
Chart 22. SM imports by origin
Chart 23. SM imports by terms of trade
Chart 24. SM imports by destination
Chart 25. EPS price in East China
Chart 26. FOB Korea EPS prices
Chart 27. EPS plant operating rate
Chart 28. EPS supply and demand
Chart 30. EPS monthly exports
Chart 31. EPS export by origin
Chart 32. EPS export by tems of trade
Chart 33. EPS export by destination
Chart 34. EPS cash flow
Chart 35. China domestic PS prices
Chart 36. PS supply and demand
Chart 37. PS imports of China
Chart 38. ABS price in East China
Chart 39. ABS apparent demand
Chart 40. ABS cash flow
Chart 41. 2016-2017 SM capacity expansion
Chart 42. 2016-2017 SM output forecast
Chart 43. 2016-2017 SM import forecast
Chart 44. 2011-2015 SM price review
Chart 45. 2011-2015 EPS price review
Chart 46. 2011-2015 PS price review
Chart 47. 2011-2015 EPS price review

Figure 1. SM monthly average prices in 2015
Figure 2. China SM capacity
Figure 3. SM capacity in Northeast Asia
Figure 4. SM capacity expansion in 2015
Figure 5. SM supply and demand balance
Figure 6. SM industrial chain supply and demand in 2015
Figure 7. SM imports by origin
Figure 8. SM omports by terms of trade
Figure 9. SM imports by destination
Figure 10. SM plant turnaround (schedule) in China
Figure 11. China New SM capacity in 2016

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