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Annual report | Time:Nov 27 2014 11:23AM
2014 China spandex industry annual report
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Foreword: Spandex introduction
I. Spandex functions
II. Spandex applications
II. Spandex market background in 2014

Part1 PTMEG and MMDI Market
Chapter 1. PTMEG market review
1.1 PTMEG price review
1.2 PTMEG supply
1.3 PTMEG import
1.4 PTMEG export
Chapter 2 MMDI market review
2.1 MMDI price trend
2.2 MMDI supply
2.3 MMDI import
2.4 MMDI export
Chapter 3. Outlook

Part 2. Spandex
Chapter 4 Spandex market review
4.1 Spandex market features
4.2 Spandex market price review
Chapter 5 Spandex cost analysis
Chapter 6 Spandex import and export
6.1 Spandex import
6.2 Spandex export
Chapter 7 Spandex applications
7.1 Circular knitting market
7.2 Covered yarn market
7.3 Warp knitting market
7.4 Lace knitting market
7.5 Other markets
Chapter 8 Spandex supply
8.1 Global spandex capacity
8.2 China’s spandex capacity development
8.3 China’s spandex capacity distribution
8.4 China’s spandex plant operation
Chapter 9 Spandex supply and demand analysis
Chapter 10 Melt-spun spandex
10.1 Melt-spun spandex market review
10.2 Melt-spun spandex supply and demand
Chapter 11 Spandex market outlook
11.1 Supply and demand outlook
11.2 Price trend outlook

Chart 1. PTMEG price trend in 2014
Chart 2. BDO price trend in 2014
Chart 3. PTMEG price trend and cost
Chart 4. MMDI price trend in 2014
Chart 5. Spandex feedstock price trends
Chart 6. Spandex price trend in 2014
Chart 7. Spandex import of China in 2014
Chart 8. Spandex import of China by origin
Chart 9. Spandex export of China in 2014
Chart 10. Market shares of major overseas spandex markets
Chart 11. Guangdong and Zhejiang circular knitting plants’ O/R in 2014
Chart 12. Zhejiang covered yarn plants’ O/R in 2014
Chart 13. Guangdong warp knitting plants’ O/R in 2014
Chart 14. Fujian lace knitting plants’ O/R in 2014
Chart 15. Polyester, nylon and cotton yarn price trends
Chart 16. Global spandex capacity distribution
Chart 17. Global spandex capacity in 2012-2014
Chart 18. China’s spandex capacity distribution
Chart 19. China’s spandex O/R and inventory in 2014
Chart 20. Melt-spun spandex price trend in 2014

Figure 1. PTMEG average price and change
Figure 2. China’s PTMEG capacity in 2014
Figure 3. BDO average price and change
Figure 4. PTMEG import of China in 2014
Figure 5. PTMEG export of China in 2014
Figure 6. MMDI average price and change
Figure 7. China's MMDI supply
Figure 8. MMDI import of China in 2014
Figure 9. MMDI export of China in 2014
Figure 10. Spandex price change in 2014
Figure 11. Spandex import volume of China in 2014
Figure 12. Spandex import of China in 2014
Figure 13. Spandex import by trade terms
Figure 14. Spandex export volume of China in 2014
Figure 15. Spandex export by destinations
Figure 16. Spandex export by trade terms
Figure 17. Circular knitting plants’ yearly O/R in 2013-2014
Figure 18. Spandex capacity distribution in 2014
Figure 19. Spandex plants’ yearly O/R
Figure 20. Spandex supply and demand in 2014
Figure 21 Spandex demand in 2014
Figure 22. Melt-spun spandex capacity and production in 2014
Figure 23. Spandex supply and demand estimation in 2014

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