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    Market Price
Chemicals Benzene   Styrene   Toluene   PX   MX   Methanol   DEG   PP   PE    
Polyester PX    PTA    MEG    PTA Futures  PET fiber chip    PET bottle chip
PFY    PSF    Differential Fiber    Industrial Yarn
Recycled Bottle flakes    Recycled polyester fiber
Nylon CPL/PA 6 chips    NFY    NSF     Industrial yarn/Cord fabric
Spandex PTMEG    MMDI    BDO    Spandex    covered yarn
Viscose Cotton linter/Pulp    VSF    VFY Cotton Spot    Futures
Acrylic ACN    Acrylic fiber    Acrylic yarn    
Spun Yarn Imported cotton yarn    Cotton Yarn    Polyester Yarn    Rayon Yarn    
[13th China Hangzhou Cellulose Fiber ...
Opening speech Lai Tianming, General Manager of CCFGroup have made the opening speeches and extended their ... ... 22 May
PTA plant operation round-up (May 24)
Ningbo Keyuan to shut styrene units
Methanol plant operations round-up (updated to May ...
Exchange Rate:1USD=6.9262RMB (2019/05/23)
PX CFR China 6(USD) 05/24
RMB PTA -130(RMB) 05/24
RMB MEG 95(RMB) 05/24
PET chip SD -175(RMB) 05/24
Polyester DTY 150D/48F -130(RMB) 05/24
PSF 1.4D*38mm -110(RMB) 05/24
RMB ACN -50(RMB) 05/24
ASF 1.5D*38mm 0 05/24
RMB CPL 0 05/24
Nylon 6 DTY 70D/24F SD 0 05/24
Spandex 40D 0 05/24
Medium-grade VSF 0 05/24
Cotton grade 3128 75(RMB) 05/24
Cotton carded yarn 32S -50(RMB) 05/24
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