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    Market Price
Chemicals Benzene Styrene Toluene PX MX Methanol DEG PP PE  
Polyester PX PTA MEG PTA Futures PET fiber chip PET bottle chip
PFY PSF Differential Fiber Industrial Yarn
Recycled Bottle flakes Recycled polyester fiber
Nylon CPL/PA 6 chips NFY NSF  Industrial yarn/Cord fabric
Spandex PTMEG MMDI BDO Spandex covered yarn
Viscose Cotton linter/Pulp VSF VFY Cotton Spot Futures
Acrylic ACN Acrylic fiber Acrylic yarn  
Spun Yarn Imported cotton yarn Cotton Yarn Polyester Yarn Rayon Yarn 
[2017 China Yarn & Fabric Summit (The ...
2017 China Yarn & Fabric Summit (The 6th Imported Yarn Forum), hosted by CCFGroup, co-organized by Shaoxing ... ... 22 Jun
Japan's Mitsubishi Chemical to restart MEG plant soon
Xinjiang Tianye to resume productoin at MEG plants
Anhui Huaihua closes MEG plant
China encourages private investment in key projects
(Xinhua) -- The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China's top economic planner, said ... ... 23 Jun
Chinese lenders' bad loan ratio decreases
HK boosts link between mainland, overseas markets
Business chiefs urge better ties
Exchange Rate:1USD=6.854RMB (2017/06/23)
PX CFR China 4(USD) 06/26
RMB PTA 5(RMB) 06/26
RMB MEG 70(RMB) 06/26
PET chip SD 25(RMB) 06/26
Polyester DTY 150D/48F 60(RMB) 06/26
PSF 1.4D*38mm -10(RMB) 06/26
RMB ACN -100(RMB) 06/26
ASF 1.5D*38mm 0 06/26
RMB CPL 0 06/26
Nylon 6 DTY 70D/24F SD 0 06/26
Spandex 40D 0 06/26
Medium-grade VSF 10(RMB) 06/26
Cotton type 3128 -10(RMB) 06/26
Cotton carded yarn 32S -5(RMB) 06/26
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ZCE PTA Futures(17/06/26)
Industrial Fiber Market Price(17/06/26)
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ACN Market Price(17/06/26)
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Nylon Staple Fiber/Tow(17/06/26)
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Spandex Market Price(17/06/26)
Spandex covered yarn(17/06/26)

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